Apotheosis Opera

Join Apotheosis Opera Artistic Director Matthew Jenkins Jaroszewicz and members of the AO orchestra for the premiere of Zach Gulaboff Davis’ piano concerto, On Fractured Memories, this August 2019 at Columbia University. Stay tuned for dates!

Audition packets

Please click on the name of your desired role below (in bold) to download the corresponding audition packet.

Countess (Soprano) - pp. 319-320, p. 323 (reh. 276)-p. 328 (second line)

Count (Baritone) - spoken sonnet on p. 61, pp. 138-139, pp. 151-152, pp. 263 (rehearsal 223)-265 (downbeat)

Flamand, composer (Tenor) - p.81 (third bar of reh. 77)-82, 96-99 (first line)

Olivier, librettist/poet (Baritone) - spoken sonnet on pp. 66-67, p. 74 (end of 2nd line) to end of 75, Reh. 73-74 (pp.77-78)

Clairon (Contralto) - Reh. 51 pp. 57-58, first spoken line on p. 61, p. 128 (last line)-131

La Roche, the Impresario (Bass) - p. 224-227 (2nd line), p. 237 (reh. 200)-p. 241 (first measure)

Italian Soprano - pp. 167 (pickup to rehearsal 158) - top of 169

Italian Tenor - pp. 167 (2nd eighth note of rehearsal 158) - top of 169

Monseur Taupe (Comic Tenor), the Prompter - p. 299 (reh. 253)-end of first line on p. 30

Major-Domo (Bass) - p. 301


"[Apotheosis Opera] succeeded in the most basic mission of opera:
music and drama grabbed the audience by the heart and never let go."
James Jorden, New York Observer, on 2016's La Fanciulla del West


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