Apotheosis Opera

Apotheosis Opera

Audition packets

Please click on the name of your desired role below (in bold) to download the corresponding audition packet.

Countess (Soprano) - pp. 319-320, p. 323 (reh. 276)-p. 328 (second line)

Count (Baritone) - spoken sonnet on p. 61, pp. 138-139, pp. 151-152, pp. 263 (rehearsal 223)-265 (downbeat)

Flamand, composer (Tenor) - p.81 (third bar of reh. 77)-82, 96-99 (first line)

Olivier, librettist/poet (Baritone) - spoken sonnet on pp. 66-67, p. 74 (end of 2nd line) to end of 75, Reh. 73-74 (pp.77-78)

Clairon (Contralto) - Reh. 51 pp. 57-58, first spoken line on p. 61, p. 128 (last line)-131

La Roche, the Impresario (Bass) - p. 224-227 (2nd line), p. 237 (reh. 200)-p. 241 (first measure)

Italian Soprano - pp. 167 (pickup to rehearsal 158) - top of 169

Italian Tenor - pp. 167 (2nd eighth note of rehearsal 158) - top of 169

Monseur Taupe (Comic Tenor), the Prompter - p. 299 (reh. 253)-end of first line on p. 30

Major-Domo (Bass) - p. 301


"[Apotheosis Opera] succeeded in the most basic mission of opera:
music and drama grabbed the audience by the heart and never let go."
James Jorden, New York Observer, on 2016's La Fanciulla del West


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